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Neurology and Neurosurgery

Jellies don’t have brains, but function with wide ranging nerve nets.

Neurological Surgery (Brain and Spine Surgery)

By integrating the latest technology with a team of highly trained and skilled neurosurgeons, Riverside Community Hospital (RCH) has developed an advanced Neurological Surgery service that is dedicated to performing comprehensive state-of the-art neurosurgical care for patients. RCH strives for an ongoing commitment to increasing the range and safety of brain and spine surgery. The highly specialized neurosurgical procedures performed by our highly qualified neurosurgeons include:

  • Stroke Treatment with acute stroke care
  • Minimally invasive brain and spinal surgery
  • Treatment of spinal deformities
  • Brain and spinal tumor resection
  • Stereotactic and image guided surgery
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson's and other movement disorders
  • Surgical treatment of epilepsy including ablation and vagal nerve stimulation (VNS)
  • State-of-the art Neuromonitoring

For our patients, minimally invasive surgery can dramatically minimize the effects of the operation including smaller incisions, decreased post-operative pain and shortened length of recovery. To achieve this goal, stereotactic image-guided brain and spine surgery using Stealthstation® technology is used as well as neuro-endoscopy to allow for minimally invasive brain and spinal surgery.

For our neurosurgeons, we provide the most sophisticated systems, equipment, and technology in the operating suites. We have added the Zeiss OPMI® Pentero® Surgical Microscope which is considered to be the most advanced neurosurgical microscope currently available. This highly sophisticated microscope allows for unsurpassed optical resolution as well as full integration of intraoperative frameless stereotaxy neuro-navigation. Stereotactic surgery helps ensure accurate and smaller incisions and more precise resections with minimal disturbance of surrounding brain tissue.

A carefully designed suspension system of ceiling tracks incorporating high resolution monitors adjusts precisely to enable neurosurgeons to visualize pertinent imaging while performing highly exacting surgeries. This system allows for a spacious operating area for high intensity microscopes to be brought into the room during surgery that may maximize surgical resources and patient outcomes. The multiple high definition flat monitors are linked to Riverside Community Hospital online image retrieval systems to allow instantaneous intra-operative viewing of various patient imaging data including X-ray, CT, MRI and angiograms. The neurosurgeon can view various imaging modalities as well as microscopic, endoscopic views, and on-going anesthesia monitoring. We combine advanced technology with others such as the Sonopet OMNI® Ultrasonic Surgical unit aspiration system to help ensure that our patients receive the most effective surgical treatment while maximizing safety.

Riverside Community Hospital continues to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our neurosurgical patients to constantly improve the range and safety of brain and spine surgery. This goal includes the continued integration of the latest and most advanced technology to enhance the work of our highly trained and dedicated team of neurosurgeons.